About The Fireflies & The Founding Force

Jennifer “Jen” Michaels is the founding force and the guiding light of The Fireflies Foundation.  The foundation was created with the intention to remind us that we are all light and have the ability to shine in very powerful ways if we choose to do so.

According to Ted Andrews, fireflies or lightening bugs are a magical symbol of inspiration and hope.  They are the promise of accomplishment through hope and efforts, reminding us that we have laid the appropriate groundwork and from it will spring great reward.

Fireflies, which are small beetles that give off light, generate a flashing rhythm of light without heat for short periods of time.  This process is performed to attract a mate who then responds with a corresponding rhythm which in turn extends the life of the species.  This process of chemistry and physics still baffles scientists.  The blinking of lights reminds us that there are others who will respond to this force and flash with similar rhythms. When we are spiritually awake – We are destined to shine and sparkle.

This Divine light within us is the creative force of inspiration and hope that flows throughout our entire being.  By connecting directly to this source, human beings can live in-Spirit while providing inspiration to others.  This connectedness consciousness way of thinking is crucial, but imperative if we are to make a deliberate effort to increase our inspirational energy here on Earth.

Every great idea starts somewhere in the brain. Perhaps with a single neuron, emotion ignites…inspiration flashes, which sparks a thought and creates a concept that emerges into a creative force of design.  This force generates light, which is released into our life, providing inspiration that begins to flicker strongly affecting us for a long time.

When we are awake, the direction we take and the thoughts we make are the flashing forces we create.  With the aspirations of raising her own vibrational frequency, Jen has chosen her journey of being in-Spirit.  The art of being JEN and being in-Spirit has given her the opportunity in being human, humanity.

It is time to trust in the power of our own inner light and begin to flash with similar creative rhythms, both physically and spiritually.  The stage has been set and the transformation of expressing who we truly are is beginning to emerge.  Like flashes of light from a firefly/lightening bug, we may look ordinary during the day, but by night we sparkle, flickering like a star.